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I DON’T know if to believe this or not.

The story raises a lot of questions, like; she says she developed sores after the first defilement, that wouldn’t have ended like that, plus who bathed her at age of 7 not to notice that her private parts had sores?

She also says she couldn’t tell anyone that she was being abused because no one would have believed her but also says she was threatened, which one is it? What does being sanguine have to do with this?

And then she talks about a cousin who committed suicide because of abuse, what has her story have to do with her cousin?

A human brain can be very treacherous, she might have heard the story from somewhere else and may be using it as her own to seek attention.

Embellishing the truth doesn’t make it more believable, which is what she may have done.

Anyone who will take time to write about the abuse they suffered will write better.

Our ability to not use emotions are what can really help in successfully fighting abuse against girls, boys, women and men.

 Emotional attachment many at times prevent us from seeing the whole picture clearly.



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