Foul-mouthed woman fined K1, 000


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THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a woman of Mandevu to compensate her sister’s boyfriend with K1, 000 for allegedly insulting him.

Dominic Ngoma, 28, of Kamwala South who dragged Victoria Chishala, 25, of Mandevu to court told Senior Local Court Magistrate Contilda Kamono that his girlfriend’s sister insulted him often in text messages.

“One Friday I wanted my girlfriend, Theresa to bring our son so that I could spend some time with him over the weekend. But I didn’t want her to come home because I was with another girl, which could cause problems. But she insisted on coming home,” Ngoma said.

He said his girlfriend and Chishala went to his home and caused commotion when they found the other girl’s belongings and in the process Chishala started insulting him.

“She has actually been insulting me on my phone after that day via text messages. ‘I will circumcise your libia’ ‘fuck you and your entire family’ ‘you fuck like a goat’ ‘I will cut off your dick, my sister needs a man like Doctor Paul’ ,” Ngoma said

But in defence Chishala said after she received a call from her sister, Theresa, that Ngoma attacked her, she went there to see what was happening.

“I went there  with my friend and my boyfriend who knew where the place is because he is Dominic Ngoma’s friend. Dominic wasbeating my sister. We all got involved and in the process he broke my phone,” she said.

She however denied insulting Ngoma but that it was her sister who insulted him using her phone.

“Because of the confusion that was caused there, neighbors started shouting ‘hule hule!’ at us. My boyfriend tried to talk to Dominic to calm him down and we decided to leave,” Ms Chishala said.

The court found that there were misunderstandings caused due to Ngoma having more than one girlfriends.

The court also relied on the best original evidence and since the messages were sent from Chisala’s phone to Ngoma’s on different days, the probability of her being the one who sent those messages was high.

Magistrate Kamono ordered Chisala to compensate Ngoma with K1, 000.


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