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Gloria Kangwa writes

A SOLWEZI woman in her late forties has been taken to court for allegedly insulting a married couple.

This is in a case in which Ikomeno Kalunji of Kimakolwe area has sued Loveness Kalusa to Solwezi Local Court for insulting him and his spouse Catherine Kasanka.

Kalunji told magistrate Davis Kanuwela sitting with magistrate Maureen Chindumba that Kalusa was a woman who was known to be alcoholic but did not understand why she included him in her drunken life.

He said on  May 17 Kalusa returned from her usual drinking place around 18:00 hours and while he was making bricks, she started uttering insults directing them at anyone one  nearby.

“After returning from her drinking spree Kalusa reached my compound and started

insulting but because she was drunk and didn’t direct them to anyone, my neighbours and I just watched her and it continued for 3 days”, he said.

Kalunji told the court that on the third day she  directed insults at him. He also said his wife

was a proud prostitute that brought men home every day he was away from home.

“I leave home every day at about 05:00 hours and only come back at 20:00 hours. I didn’t understand why she picked on me of all the people that live in our area. She has been making noise about poisoning the well with logo of I did not leave my plot,

“After I asked her why she was insulting me she said I was a witch and need to leave”, he added.

Kalunji then reported her to the area headman who told him to just take her to court because he had enough reports  about her insulting people.

But he took summons she and and her daughter took turns in insulting him.

Magistrate Kanuwela then asked if he had witnesses that were present when he was being insulted and Kalunji called his wife Catherine who confirmed what had happened.

Catherine told the court that Kalusa insulted her husband by referring to his manhood and later said the person who had circumcised Kalunji had no brains.

Loveness was given a chance to speak by the court and denied all the allegations that were submitted.

The matter comes up on June 10 for judgment.


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