Wife who loves money divorced


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A BUSINESSMAN of Makeni has divorced his wife of 17 years at the Boma Local Court alleging that she is dishonest and borrows too much money behind his back.

Crispin Ngengu, 36, told Senior Local Court Magistrate Ng’andu Mukuka that he got married to Christine Mwale, 33, in 2002 and problems in their marriage started due to money issues.

Ngengu said it all started when he lost K2, 500 in the house and when he asked his wife if she had seen the money, she completely denied any knowledge about it.

“We had many misunderstandings after that incident. Another time my wife woke up before me and got K3, 800 from my wallet and ran away from home,” Mr Ngengu said.

He then said his wife’s phone went dead and even after two weeks when he tried to call her relatives, she still failed to show up.

“I later discovered that she had travelled to the village and when I talked to her mother, she told me the money was intact and my wife would bring it back,

“When my wife finall6y came back she didn’t have the money and phoned me while crying. She said she was in a lot of debt,” Mr Ngengu said. 

He then said he followed up the people she said she was owing and managed to pay some of them. 

“One day I heard noise at the road side and when I went there I found people attacking my wife. Apparently she had gotten a loan which she failed to pay back and had a lot of penalties. She even used our fridge as collateral,” he said.

“Just last week she borrowed K2, 500 without telling me. She listed down everything in our house as collateral including a TV she got from her friend. She didn’t come home one day and I phoned her, she told me she was hiding from people she was owing and she only came home around 21:00hrs,” Mr Ngengu said.

He said it reached a point where he sold everything in the house just to settle her debts.

Mwale told the court that her husband refused to give her money for business and did not give her upkeep money and that was how she got into a lot of debts.


The court found that Mwale was problem because of borrowing money wh8ich brought problems in the marriage.

Magistrate Mukuka then granted the divorce.


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