‘Bring back our daughter’ – as Lusaka husband fails to pay K4,000 bride price


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CEASAR MBEWE writes                                 

PARENTS of a Lusaka woman are demanding that her husband returns their daughter because he has failed to pay bride price for her.

They have taken the truant son-in-law to Kanyama Local Court after all their efforts to have the man pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and now want their prized daughter back.

Emanuel Mbuzi, 34, a bus driver of Garden House was sued by his uncle-in-law, John Tembo, 48, a carpenter of the same area for failing to settle K4,000 as bride price.

Tembo told the court that Mbuzi had continued enjoying the companionship of his dead brother’s daughter even when he knows that he has not paid the pride price for her.

Mbuzi impregnated Tembo’s daughter in 2012 and was charged K5000 as compensation for damage but he later asked for a discount as he wanted to marry her.

Tembo narrated before the court that when Mbuzi asked for the discount he was told to pay K4,000.

However, he had not paid anything up to 2019.

Tembo complained to the court that he was shocked at how rude Mbuzi would get whenever he was asked about the money.

He said Mbuzi had been very disrespectful towards his wife’s family, especially to him, whenever he approached him about the money.

“Mr Mbuzi is a very arrogant man. I have been reminding him about the money since 2012. He keeps saying he will pay whenever he will have it, but this man is working and he makes money.

“From 2012 if he was paying installment by now, he would have finished. It’s been too long now. I just want my daughter back because when my brother was dying he told me to take care of his children,” Tembo said.

In his defence Mbuzi denied ever refusing to pay or being rude towards his uncle-in-law and accused Tembo himself of being rude when asking for the money.

Mbuzi said things had been hard for him; that was why he had delayed to pay the money.

He said his uncle-in-law had been the reason the couple did not have children.

“I will pay the money once I have it. I have not refused, but we don’t have children since we got married because whenever I asked her for children she says her uncle told her until I finish paying the bride price. So she has been on contraceptives since,” Mbuzi said.

Passing judgment magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka ordered MMbuzi to pay the bride price as agreed or face imprisonment for using and wasting the time of Tembo’s daughter.

The court also ordered the couple to be on separation until Mbuzi paid the money, and ruled that there was no marriage.

For the relationship to qualify as marriage something should be paid.


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