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A CHEATING Ndola housewife’s feeble attempt to convince her husband that the man he suspected to be her boyfriend was in fact her father has failed to save her marriage.

Leah Musawa, 28, of Kaloko Settlement put up a spirited argument that her husband had mistaken her father’s message on her mobile phone to be that of her boyfriend.

However, the enraged husband went on to prove that in fact his wife had tried to hoodwink him about her lover.

She failed to bring the “father” home to prove that it was him who had sent the message.

James Kunda 35, told the Kabushi Local Court that he found messages on his wife’s phone from a man who had apologised for not meeting her and when he asked her to explain she lied to him that the message was from one of her parents.

Kunda had sued Musawa for divorce.

The case was before senior presiding magistrate Agnes Mulenga sitting with magistrates Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.

Kunda narrated that he had found messages in his wife’s phone from the same man who was apologising for not meeting with her because he was too busy with work.

“I got the number from her phone and called the same man and he did not introduce himself as her father but instead he just said there was something my wife wanted from him,” he said.

He said when he asked his wife about the man, she insisted that it was her father although he had never visited their home.

Mr Kunda said he arranged a meeting so that he could meet the purported father at home in the presence of his wife, but the same man did not show up.

“How come your father has never visited our home to come and see you or to even know your husband but only calls you to meet him from different places,” he asked.

Kunda said when he told his mother-in-law about the same man, she said he was not related to her daughter.

He said Musawa had no respect and there was no way she could be pretending and calling her boyfriend as her father.

In her statement, Musawa said she lived well with her husband until 2017 when she wanted some money from her father, who asked her to go and collect the money from town.

“When I started off, my father told me he had left town and was at Kafubu Inn in Masala. When I reached there, I told my father I could not collect money from there because people would misunderstand me since I am a married woman,” she said.

She said she left the place but some people who saw her told her husband that she had been with a man at Kafubu Inn.

Musawa said she tried to explain to her husband that it was her father, but he did not want to listen and just started beating her.

She said she called for a meeting so that her father could come and explain everything but her husband told her that he was not interested in whatever he was going to say.

“I left the house for three days to give him some time to calm down since he was upset, but when I returned he still chased me out the house,” she said.

Musawa said the two of them had been on separation since the incident in 2017 and that she was just told by some people that her husband had married another woman.

Passing judgement the court granted divorce as the two parties were living separately and that Kunda had married another woman.

The court did not order any compensation but told the couple to share their properties equally.


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