False prophecy almost wrecks marriage


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THE Chilenje Local Court has saved a marriage by reconciling a driver and a cleaner who had been on separation for over one year over a prophet’s ‘revelation’.

Samson Shonga, 57, a driver in government was sued by his wife Eneless Nibubi, 47, a cleaner of Mtendere East, Lusaka.

The two were appearing before presiding local court magistrate Patrick Nyirenda.

Nibubi said they got married in 2002 and didn’t have a child together but both had children from their previous marriages.

She said she and her husband used to live in the house her husband had built with his former wife, who had died.

Nibubi said the mother of her husband’s wife used to insult her every time she visited their house.

But matters got worse after she visited a prophet.

“I fell sick, I was bleeding. After sometime I decided to go for prayers at a certain prophet’s place. The prophet told me that they had put a trap for me in that house and that I would die if we didn’t shift from that house,” Nibubi said.

She borrowed money and looked for another house.

Nibubi informed her husband and they shifted.

“After one week, the bleeding stopped,” she said. “My husband wanted us to shift back to his house, but I refused because I feared getting sick again,” she said.

Nibubi said the two couldn’t agree.

“We have been on separation for one year six months. He doesn’t visit me anymore. He sends money through Airtel money,” she said.

Nibubi said last month when she visited Shonga she asked him to change the beddings because he had slept in them with another woman,” she said.

“I gave him time from the 10th to the 30th of April, 2019 for him to decide whether he still wanted me or not,” she said.

When she visited him again she asked for his phone and found a photograph of a naked woman on his bed.

“I also found photos of his private parts. I asked him and he denied it. He said the photo of the naked woman came from one of the WhatsApp groups,” she said.

Nibubi said it was the second time she had found such pictures but he denied them, took the phone and deleted the photos.

“I told him that if he doesn’t want me he should release [divorce] me,” she said.

 Shonga said disputes in their marriage started when they shifted to Bauleni Townships in 2017.

“My wife had a problem of bleeding and she went to a prophet in Bauleni for spiritual healing,” he said.

Shonga said six months after she was prayed for she became well. I asked her to shift back to my house in Kalingalinga instead of paying rent and because it is near to my work place,” he said.

“My wife refused to shift. She insisted on staying in Bauleni and that’s how we separated. She went to stay alone,” Shonga said.

“I promised to visit her from time to time. I used to take money to her house, but because I am very busy, I send it through Airtel money,” he said.

The court reconciled the couple and gave Shonga one month to rent a house and live with his wife


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