Girl sues boyfriend …for wasting her time


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AN 18-YEAR-OLD girl has sued her boyfriend for wasting her time and for failing to fulfil his promise to marry her.

She said her boyfriend promised her marriage when proposing love to her but has another girlfriend who is pregnant for him.

This is a case before Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Kennedy Mwansa Mutale sitting with presiding Mary Namangala.

Beatrice Nakaonga, 18, of airport area sued his boyfriend Evaristo Chanda, 22, a business man of Garden Township for reconciliation.

She said that he promised to marry her and sponsor her to school despite her been in her eightieth grade. They have dated for two years without any signs of fulfilling the promise of marriage.

‘’ My boyfriend told me he was going to marry me and further my education in his wife  and that’s what prompted me to accept his proposal in 2017 by then I was only sixteen years old. He had nothing to point at I helped him by sacrificing my time helping him and sometimes giving him my last money only to disappoint me like that,’’ he said.

‘’ I could go to my boyfriend’s place for a week without my mother knowing and we could sleep together on the same bed, I reached a point were I told my mother about him wanting to reach home as promised and my mother was for the idea of me getting married because she couldn’t manage to sponsor me educational wise,’’ she told court.

She further said that at one point she went to her boyfriend’s place and found he was not there and she stayed for a while waiting for him, whilst in the house she felt sick and called her boyfriend who later called his mother to take her to the hospital.

‘’ I was rushed to the hospital and was told that I needed to be operated and I stayed there for two weeks waiting to be operated on, after an x-ray, I couldn’t know what was happened only to be told that they had removed my tube though I did not know the cause because I was alone and the doctors couldn’t elaborate much, she said.

‘’ Two months passed after feeling better I was shocked after discovering that my boyfriend impregnated another girl while I was sick,  after all he is the causer of my sickness and the tube doctors removed was because of him because of sex we were having together,’’ she said.

‘’After destroying my body by using me, having sex with me and now he said he no longer want to marry me but the other pregnant lady, he lied and used me hence my coming to court,’’ nakaonga said.

In defence, Chanda told court that he is no longer interested in the relationship because whenever he could ask her girlfriend that he wanted to reach her parents the girl could turn him down by saying she was young for marriage.

‘’I can now say she is my ex because I have another girlfriend who is even pregnant for me, my ex-girlfriend did not tell me about how her tube was removed am just hearing it from the courts. As at now I have a new girl whom I want to marry because she agreed,’’ he said.

Court was shocked upon hearing a young girl talking about marriage instead of education, it cautioned mothers to take care of their girl children because they are future leaders of tomorrow. Court also told plaintiff that he committed a serious crime by sleeping with a girl under the age of 18, a case which can attract a life in imprisonment. Case was then adjourned for further hearing.


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