Sex in maize field lands wife, her lover K10, 000 fine


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A CHIPATA Overspill housewife who was caught having sex in the maize field has been ordered together with her lover to compensate her husband with K10, 000 for adultery.

Before Matero Magistrate Pauline Newa was Derrick Chisenga, 40, of Chipata compound who sued Moses Phiri, 41, of Matero East for committing adultery with his wife Violet Chisenga, 34

Derrick told the court that when he knocked from work on March 13 he did not find his wife at home.

The children prepared super and the family retired to bed at around 22.30 hours but still his wife was still missing and that got him worried and immediately informed her relatives.

“I failed to go for work the following day because I wanted to report the matter at the police station but my son came home running from school and told me that his mother had sent him to get some money,” said Derrick.

He later went to the police station where officers started laughing at him for the type of a wife he had who told them that he had gone to Siavonga.

“I was then told that she was caught having sex in someone’s maize garden and was later arrested for public nonsense,

“This is not the first time I have caught her misbehaving. I don’t have a problem with Phiri he should however be taught how to find a wife,” said Derrick.

Phiri told the court that what Derrick said was true and that he was with his wife Pauline and that he intended to marry her because she told him that she was not married and lived with her uncle.

“What Chisenga has said is the truth, I met her at the market when I was buying eggs and she asked me to buy her one of which I did and she asked for my number, in the evening she called and asked me for airtime”.

“She told me she wanted a man that would look after her, I even accepted to look after her children. We sat near a small maize garden and I went to pee then I found a man defecating who then went to call his friends and that’s how we were taken to the police,” said Phiri

Violet told the court that Phiri had asked her to help him find a wife and that they were not lovers as she just met him the day they were arrested.

The court told Phiri that adultery was not just sleeping with another man’s wife but even being found together in uncompromising situation because bride price was paid for her.

“You were in an enclosed place, what were you  expecting to happen, why didn’t you go to the market where there are many people. Whether it happened or not we will take it as adultery”.

“If he had not paid her bride price she would have been a woman for all nations, for being found in that place; we assume it happened, both of you will compensate Derrick with K10, 000. You will each pay K5000. This should be a lesson to you,” said Magistrate Newa”.


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