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A LUSAKA housewife has sued her husband of 30 years for reconciliation over marital disputes and wants him to get tested for HIV as she suspects he has been sleeping around with other women.

Beatrice Nyirongo, 45, of Kamanga Township sued Layford Chungu, 52, of the same area for reconciliation.

She told court that that they got married in 1989 and half of the dowry was paid.

Nyirongo told Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala, that there had been gross misunderstandings in their house from 1997 and that he had been beating her every time they quarreled.

She told the court that she suspected her husband of having extramarital affairs because of his behaviour lately.

“I moved out of the house and went to the village for eight good years hoping that he could change, the family tried to sit us down but all was in vain. That is why I want the court to help us reconcile,

“He beats me every time we have an argument, and on  one fateful day he threw a shovel at me I just ran away from the house to save myself from harm,’’ She lamented.

While in Chipata, she said, Chungu wanted her back after he told her that that he had changed and was ready to start life afresh with her.

She said that after hearing that he had changed, she went back to the house and unfortunately she couldn’t find any of his clothes in the house.

“I refrained myself from having sex with my husband so that we go for VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) since it has been long that we have stayed apart,” she said

In defence Chungu told court that ever since his wife returned home had been denied him his conjugal rights insisting that the two should first go for VCT.

“The problem is that my wife accuses me of having girlfriends and wants me to go to the clinic to have a test of which I am not ready because of my busy schedule,” Chungu said.

In submission, Nyirongo told court that all she wanted was her husband to change and reconcile with her.

The court reconciled the couple and told them to go for VCT together before they could resume having sex.


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