Zed hule/kawalala.Com group costs woman K2,500


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A Livingstone woman has been slapped with a K2,500 fine for   defamation of character through a Facebook page called “ZED HULE AND KAWALALA EXPOSED.”

This is in a case in which, Kabwe Monta Zulu, 23, of Meanwood was appearing before Chelstone Presiding Magistrate Namangala in a matter in which she sued Cecelia Zulu for compensation for defamation of character.

Zulu claimed that the defendant had posted details of her on social media that she was a thief and prostitute.

“She posted me on a Facebook page called “Zed Hule and Kawalala exposed” and that has defamed my character both at home and the society at large.”

” I got clothes from Zulu in October 2018 worth K4,500 and we agreed that I will be paying instalments before the end of December of which she accepted, but unfortunately I failed to meet the agreement,” She said.

” I explained my problems to her that I would give her the money when I had but she insisted that she wanted it right away.”

“Zulu warned that if I failed to give her the money she would post me in Zed hule and kawalala.com to be exposed, and she would always threatens me to say if I did not give her the money she would remove my pants in public so as to embarrass me,” she stated.

“Am a married woman and how could she embarrass me like that?

“I just received a text from a friend on 14th January, 2019 to say that they had seen my photos on social media  and asking what was going on?”

Then my husband heard about what happened and was totally disappointed and went to defendant’s house and gave her K2,500 promising to pay the remaining amount on 1st February, 2019.

1st witness who is plaintiff’s husband said he wanted Zulu to compensate his wife for defamation of character because people have been calling him names over the same issue, even at work, he said.

“I wasn’t even aware of the money, I only saw her photos on Social media.” The husband told court.

Defendant agreed to have posted the photos on Zed Hule and Kawalala exposed group on Facebook because plaintiff delayed paying her money.

The court then found defendant with a case to answer. That she had carried the law into her own hands and so she was ordered to compensate Plaintiff with K2,500 effective on the 28th February, 2019.


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