Couple earnings living from trampoline


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A COUPLE in Lusaka’s Chazanga compound has set up a business using an old trampoline to generate funds for their livelihood and on a good day are able to make over K100.

In an interview with the Sun yesterday, Joseph Chongo, the owner of the trampoline business, he decided with his wife to use their trampoline as a way of earning of a living.

“This is part of fundraising, a way of raising money to sustain our lives. That is why we came up with this idea,” Mr Chongo explained.

And Mrs Chongo said that she was charging each child K1 for two minutes’ of jumping on the trampoline.

Mrs Chongo said her husband owned a private school where they where the were operating the trampoline.

She explained that upon realising that the trampoline was not being used much at the school, the couple decided to find a place where it could be used more.

“I have so far bought books and a school bag for my children who is in grade 10. Laziness is not good, one has to use initiative to generate money. I am here the whole day. It is two minutes for a K1. I use my phone to keep time,” she said.

Business has been brisk especially on Saturdays and the couple makes about k100 per day .


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