Proflight's chitenge carries Zambian culture to new heights The beauty of flying becomes colourful with chitenge


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Proflight Zambia’s addition of the chitenge to its brand has captured the hearts of flyers with its colourful beauty while promoting culture and tourism.

The make-over has wowed passengers since its introduction in the wake of the inaugural flight of the airline’s Dash 8 aircraft on Independence Day, when Proflight’s staff dressed in chitenge attire in celebration.

To promote tourism and culture, Zambia’s leading domestic airline decided to fly the Chitenge on a regular basis and adopted the colourful look across its brand.

“We love the chitenge makeover and we are happy that our customers love it so much. When you see the chitenge it reminds us of our culture, our tradition and our way of life as Zambians,” Proflight’s Director of Government and Industry Affairs Capt. Philip Lemba said.

The chitenge represents so much in the Zambian tradition; it is an expression of respect, celebration, beauty, fashion, dressing, art and culture.

Proflight’s chitenge makeover brings with it the pride of being a Zambian and African airline.

Passengers who landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) on flights from Solwezi, Ndola and Mfuwe recently were impressed with the new look.

Flying from Ndola, Dr Kizito Sampa said: “I think the Chitenge adds a Zambian touch to the flight. It’s somehow promoting Zambian tourism.”

Dr Sampa very delighted further said: “I know the Chitenge is part of our culture in Zambia, I feel this is something that should be encouraged.”

Flying from Solwezi Thabo Kongwa said: “I was like ‘wow’; at last they have finally added the chitenge to their brand. I love chitenge material so much. Most of my clothes are made from chitenge material, I love it so much. It looks so colourful – beautiful – when I entered the aircraft, I was so impressed with it and I loved it.”

And Constance Mundia said: “I think it promotes the Zambian culture by bringing it into broad day light so people can know more about our tradition.”

And many other flyers expressed their pleasure with the chitenge makeover idea by Proflight: “The brand is looking so nice with the chitenge; please keep it up,” said another passenger. “The chitenge is amazing, it looks colourful and beautiful


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