‘TAMANGA’ LIFE …Women hustling to feed children


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SHE has been on the street as a newspaper vendor for four consecutive years. Through this business, she manages to feed her three children and pay rentals.

Memory Kalimina, who was widowed four years ago, feels it is better to be a “tamanga” and chase cars to sell her newspapers on the street than lazing around just because of her lack of education.

THE SUN: Good morning madam, how are you?

MEMORY: I am fine, and how are you?

THE SUN: I am fine, thank you.  Tell us about your business and how you are able to survive from it?

MEMORY: Business yatu iliche mushe manje chabe apa yachita monga yabwelelako pansi. Bantu kaya ngati nibokupya sitiziba. Yachita monga yabwelelako pansi. So itikoselako sometimes, bantu sibagula so sitigulisa bwino bwino, but timayeselela kuchila kupempa. At least kamene wapezya kamene ako wapang ma samu.

 Business is quite slow, we do not know if its people who are boke but we are surviving from whatever we get. It is better than begging.

THE SUN: When did you join the business?

MEMORY: I joined four years ago

THE SUN: What are some of the challenges are you facing in this business?

MEMORY: Timavutana chabe nama clients. Mwamene banitijailiza so chabe babwela batenga manje kuti panipase cash mupeza ka taking’a long. So this ivuta cashing but futi bakakupasa ninshi wa balansa.

THE SUN: Most women avoid the business of selling newspapers, what advice would you give such people?

MEMORY: Bataya chabe ntau. Benangu niulesi wamene ulenga. Ngati cintu ufunisisa, nikunyamuka wafunsa banzako bamene bagulisa kuti muchita bwanji then beve bakuuiza.

 This job is not for men only, I have been working here for four years now. My children are going to school and I am able to feed them, their father died four years ago and I am able to pay rentals and other bills. I am not begging or prostituting.

 So these woman who in the morning just patronise bars…that is rubbish and laziness.  Niupuba uja nau lesi!

THE SUN: Where do you stay and how many children do you have?

MEMORY: I have three children and I stay in Garden House compound.  I am not only on the street, I take newspapers in   different ministries.

THE SUN: How do you manage to run around and chasing vehicles when conducting business?

MEMORY: It is by the grace of God! So chabe nikutamanga tamanga. Pamene ninayamba kweze kuvutika. Upeza chabe mwamene unaimilila chifukwa teze kuyopa but apa manje ninajaila.

Nenze kuvala trousers pa first kuti nikazitamanga bwino but apa na skirt nimavala and nikwanisa ku tamanga!


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