Student jailed for shoplifting


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A STUDENT has been sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labor for stealing an adapter worth K179.99 from Pick n Pay East Park Mall outlet.

This was after Nkole Chileshe, 25, a student at Lusaka Business and Technical College, pleaded guilty to one count of theft, contrary to Section 272 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Lusaka Magistrate Racheal Mwansa yesterday noted that the offence of shoplifting is rampant in Lusaka and there is need to deter would-be offenders.

Facts before court were that on December 30, 2018 around 08:57 hours, Chileshe was captured on closed circuit camera system getting the adaptor, which he hid in his clothes.

The system operator then alerted security guards who apprehended Chileshe as he attempted to leave the shop and they found the adaptor hidden in his clothes.

He was later taken to Chelstone police station where he was formally charged for the subject offence.

Asked by the court what he wanted to do with the adaptor, Chileshe said he wanted to use it in his house for his electric gadgets but he did not have money to buy one.

In mitigation, Chileshe said he is a student and desires to continue with his education.

“I have no guardian and I regret my action. I am asking for lenience,” he said.

In sentencing him, Ms. Mwansa said she had heard his mitigation and that he is first offender who deserved lenience but warned Chileshe that the offence he committed is a felony which carries a maximum sentence of five years with hard labour.

“This kind of offence of shoplifting is rampant in Lusaka and there is need to deter would-be offenders. I therefore sentence you to six months with hard labour from the date you were arrested,” she said. 


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