Ubuntu news coverage


EMBRACING all and promoting national culture and unity through dynamic, unprecedented Ubuntu news coverage.

The Lusaka Sun has been launched today with a pledge to keep doors open to all regardless of political affiliation, religious, tribe or race.

The Ubuntu news coverage aims at yielding insights into our cultural heritage as a nation by reporting on local communities.

The modern-day newspaper will make sure that the very best of what happens in Zambia and outside is covered adequately, to ensure social stories of relevance to the people.

The Lusaka Sun will aim to run a condensation of national and international stories, alongside lifestyle features supplemented by focused columns.

We shall invest in investigative reporting because we are aiming for well researched articles that will help building communities.

We shall keep leaders accountable by constantly reminding them of that which they promised voters. We shall keep a national check list to remind our leaders about the expectations of the people. Of the expectations of the ordinary mother raising six children on a shoestring budget.

Of the expectations of the teacher, nurse and trader without shelter.

Of the expectations of patients in government clinics and hospitals.

Zambians should now know that from today, a group of seasoned and highly professional journalists intent to change the face of journalism in Zambia by embracing that social slant, will provide this new transformation.

They will do it by simply being professional. They are sufficiently professional savvy or conveyor belts ready to carry and publish quality social stories to the public.

They will not look at class, creed, religion, colour, tribe or political affiliation except by being ethical and professional.

They are a virtuous bunch of reformers that will embolden and strive for a portfolio of good social journalism and offer Zambians choices.

But perhaps the most important attribute of the Lusaka Sun will be its willingness to be truly informative and truthful.

A truth that corresponds with fair justice. A truth that leads to the uplifting of a cohesive nation under the guidance of the moral values we have.

It will endeavour to have courage and desire to make Zambia a better country through its determination to act on those professional convictions.

Zambians today need a unifying experience, something to fuse their collective conscience and that can only come about through an expert newspaper such as the Lusaka Sun.

This group of journalists has also made a decision to make the Lusaka Sun the best social newspaper in Zambia and they are going to achieve that prestige by remaining fixated to their itinerary.

No doubt this will require hard work on our part and support from all Zambians so that together we can build a better Zambia to live in.

It will be both an upbeat and at the same time tailoring its own actions and beliefs to accord with its readers’ position- to be like a bamboo tree that is able to change its side to the strung of the winds.

Equally, we will not hang our hats where our hands cannot reach.

But looking at the outside world through Zambian lens, the Lusaka Sun should offer plenty of perspectives for good reading.

With this in mind, Zambians will assuredly always have something to cram from it. Hurrah Lusaka Sun!


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