Makeni Villa residents beat suspected thief


A SUSPECTED thief in Lusaka’s Makeni Villa area has been beaten by the residents after being caught trying to steal solar panels installed at the Makeni VillA Clinic.

The guard at the clinic whose name has been withheld told The Sun that four suspected thieves entered the clinic area but only the one who was on the roof was apprehended.

According to the guard, the one he caught was on the roof pushing down the Solar Panels.

“I heard footsteps and went outside to check and after opening the door, three people ran away and the one who was on the roof had less time to run so after he jumped I chased him down and caught him with the help of a Zambia National Service officer who resides in the area. When I shouted thief, the residents descended on the suspect,” he said

He added that by the time the police were coming the thief was almost killed by the angry residents who were tired of the rising crime rate.

One of the residents Mr Ngulube said this is the second time that thieves were stealing from the clinic because there is no proper security or police in the area.

“You see here in Makeni Villa, these thieves are taking advantage because the police station is very far. This is the second time thieves are stealing here. First they stole solar batteries and an nvertor, so we are crying to our member of Parliament to build   a police post,” Mr Ngulube said.

Another resident, Mr Chilao Miyanda said everyday they sleep in fear due to the ever increasing crime that has reigned in Makeni Villa for a while now.

“If only our MP can bring us even just a police post it would really help us a lot because everyday someone is attacked, house robbery, shop burglary or bus drivers being harassed by these criminals called junkies who hide in the name of political cadres,” he said.

Meanwhile Kanyama Police station has confirmed receiving reports of the incident and that they are   investigating and trying to track   the other three who escaped. 


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