SIMON MUNTEMBA writes      

HUNDREDS of mourners gathered at St. Augustine Parish in Kalikiliki compound and later thronged Lusaka’s Leopard’s Hill Cemetery to pay their last respect to Sebastian Lungu, the youngman killed by his friends over the weekend.

 Sebastian, 20, who died last Saturday after he was allegedly stabbed by his friends following a brawl during a drinking spree, was put to rest on Wednesday at Leopard’s Hill Cemetery in Lusaka.

The funeral church service which was filled to capability was attended mostly by teens, youths, as well as a few adults and family members.

The coffin of Sebastian arrived at St. Augustine parish   around 13:30 hours carried by youth pallbearers (Sebastian’ friends) which created a somber mood.

As the coffin was carried into the church, some youths mostly girls wept uncontrollably.

During the whole requiem process many youths were walking around the church, taking selfies and engaging each other outside the church in a seemingly intoxicated state.

And committing the body, St. Augustine Parish Priest, Father Emmanuel Lungu said people should learn to accept such types of death and understand that it was always God’s time.

Fr. Lungu said that death can find people anywhere and that everyone must   prepare their lives so that that they can have an idea of where they will go when they die.

He encouraged the family of the deceased to be strong and not to allow the death of their loved one to separate them.

Fr. Lungu said that Sebastian’s death should bring people together and understand that death was God’s secret.

In his sermon that came from the book of 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18, Fr. Lungu further said that people should understand that only God knows how each one would die.

He said that death could find any person anywhere and that people must prepare their lives so that that they could have an idea of where they would go when they died.

And late Sebastian first cousin, Naomi Mushanga described the deceased as a lovable and cheerful person who mingled with everyone.

Ms Mushanga, 25, said Sebastian had a lot of friends because of his good personality which unfortunately led to his untimely death as he was stabbed by his own friends.

Meanwhile, late Sebastian’s older sister, Lasiwe Lungu, 27, said that her brother’s stabber had a grudge against him.

“It’s painful that I have lost my kid brother at a tender age. The information we are receiving as a family is that this guy who stabbed Sebastian had a grudge against him from way back when he (Sebastian) was a barber man.

Sebastian’s older sister, Lasiwe Lungu (left)

“It’s like they quarreled way back and when they differed on a small misunderstanding at the bar, the guy (stabber) decided to settle old scores,” Lasiwe said.

Asked what exactly happened for the suspect to have a grudge with her late brother, Lasiwe said, “We don’t know and that is what we are trying to find out as a family”.




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