Woman sues ex-lover over child maintenance


A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Makeni, Nizbert Kaputula has dragged her ex-lover Aaron Banda, 30, of Garden Compound to the Boma Local Court for child maintenance after he married another woman.

Before Senior Local Court Magistrate Sharon Sichone, was Kaputula 27  who told the court she had a child with Banda in 2017 and he had promised to marry her.

‘Banabauza bakwathu ku family ati bazakani tenga tibapaseko 1 month, apo ninshi mimba ilina 3 months. Apa mwana alina 2 years 11 months, bakali kulindila ba kwatu’

(He told my relatives that he will come and get me and that they should give him a month. That was when I was 3 months pregnant. My child is now 2 years 11 months and my relatives are still waiting,’ Ms Kaputula said

She then told the court that Banda had been paying child maintenance since it was born but then he suddenly stopped for no apparent reason.

Ms Kaputula said she later came to find out that he was actually married to another woman.

She said each time she called Banda a woman would picked up the calls and one time the woman even warned her to stop calling her husband.

She said since then she found difficulties to communicate with Banda over the affairs of the child.

In defence Banda denied the allegations and told the court that he never stopped supporting his child and bought whatever was needed for the child.

He also told the court that it was only on one occasion that his wife answered a call from Kaputula and it was late at night when he was sleeping.

Banda also said that he was surprised that Kaputula had bring him to court because the only thing she complained to him about was that the money he was giving her was too little, the matter which he said he was ready to discuss with her.

Both Kaputula and Banda told the court that it would be convenient for both of them if the money for the child was paid through the court to avoid what had happened before.

The court then ordered Banda to maintain his child with monthly payments of K350 to be done through the court.


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