Savage man turns wife into punch bag




A WOMAN of Lusaka has sued her husband for divorce for turning her into a punching bag and always threatening to kill her.

Mundia Susiku,34, of Mtendere east was appearing before Chelstone senior local court magistrate Charity Milambo, in a matter in which she sued Friday Mwelwa of the same area.

Susiku had sued Mwelwa on allegation that they have a lot of marital disputes in their marriage and always beats her.

She told court that she married the husband in 1999 with five children and bride price was paid. But ever since they got married they have been living like cats and dogs, fighting every time.

” My husband always threatens to kill me and my children whenever we quarrel. We have tried to resolve the issue with the family but nothing has happened. “

“My husband beats me whenever he gets drunk, on a material day, my husband was drunk and turned into a monster where he wanted to kill one of my children and hit another with an iron metal bar,” she said.

“I am tired of this marriage because one day he might beat me to death and my children will suffer,”

“I have discovered that he even has a girlfriend and always comes home late and shaved with new clothes, and whenever I ask him, he gives me punches,” she stated.

Susiku also told court that Mwelwa “insults like no man’s business” and  does not respect anyone not even her parents.

“All I want is to divorce him because am tired of living like wrestlers in the house, ” she narrated.

In defense, Mwelwa told the court that sometimes the plaintiff started the fight as well but despite all this, he still loves his wife and doesn’t want divorce.

Chelstone court then adjourned the matter to February 22nd, 2019 for continued hearing.


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