Wooden clothes peg seller counsels idle youths




A WOODEN clothes pegs seller has advised fellow youths to utilise any business opportunity they come across to earn a living.

Bwalya Mwelwa said he had been selling clothes pegs for about five years now and that he had been able to raise money for his daily needs.

Mr Mwelwa said he went round compounds to sell his merchandise and made about K100 on a daily basis when business was good.

He was speaking in an interview with the Sun in Lusaka.

“I go round compounds to sell my pegs (clothespin). I sell ten of them at K10. I have been in this business for about five years now and I am not ashamed to do it,

“What you should know is that people will always laugh at you for doing certain businesses but if it is legal, why not do it? After all that is what puts food for your table,” he said.

Many youths, he observed, were ashamed to venture into this business for fear people would laughed at them. Mr Mwelwa said he had plans of venturing into other businesses such as opening a shop to sell foodstuffs.


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