TAMANGA LIFE: Surviving on K50 profit



SURVIVING on a K50 profit in a week from selling talk time, Paul Mwanza of George Compound is able to raise money for his daily needs, feed his family and pay rentals. Mr Mwanza has been selling talk time on the street of Lusaka from 2008 and is able to save enough to educate his children.This is Mwanza’s story in his own words.

THE SUN: Please tell us about your business.

PAUL: Uka order nongo ya K1, 000 profit ninshi ni K50. (When I order talk time for K1,000, the profit I make is K50).

THE SUN: Does the talk time finish in a day?

PAUL: Awe simasila. Timagulisako olo two days (It takes about two days for the merchandise to finish).

THE SUN: When did you start doing your business?

PAUL: Ninayamba mu 2008. Nigulisa mwamene muno, pa road, na mu Civic Centre (I started this business in 2008).

THE SUN: How is your business on a daily basis?

PAUL: Kudala yenze kuyendako manje apa inachinja iliko slow. (The business has slowed down compared to the way it was back then).

THE SUN: What do you think has led to the business being slow?

PAUL: Mwamene nimaonela ine, ma minutes yamene aya yamene banapanga. Bakafakamo, bango tuma po chabe. (Promotions from talk time providers has slowed down our business)

THE SUN: How long are you on the road?

PAUL: Nisebenza 7 days in a week, nikafuna nizipangila chabe  off day. (I work seven days a week).

THE SUN: What time are you on the road?

PAUL: Pa musebo nimafikapo kuma 06:00 hrs and then kukomboka ni 18 hours. (I am on the road from 06:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs).

THE SUN: Are your married?

PAUL: Ndine okwatila na bana (yes I am married with children).

THE SUN: So how do you survive with a K50 profit you make from selling talk time?

PAUL: Tisebezensa brain. Ni brain yamene tisebezensa. Ugulisa wafakako ka K2 olo ka K5 so chabe.  (We use our brains to survive).

THE SUN: So in short you save?

PAUL: Ehe tuseving’a (yes I do save).

THE SUN: Your advice to people in the compounds waiting on Government to employ them?

PAUL: Baja bantu bafunika bakazi fighter ko, vochita nivambili. Nangu muma industries wayendako wazebenza ka K10 in a day uziba mochitila survive kuchila kunkala so chabe. (These people should be fighters and look for something to do, even working for a K10 a day in industries makes a diffence).Uoneka monga nidwe street kid pa last. Elo na mukazi akutaba kaili aona ati sunga musunge (You will end up looking like a street kid and your wife will run away from you).

THE SUN: Your last words regarding your business…

PAUL: Business yanga ilichabe bwino because imanitandiza, nilipila tuma rentlas so chab, uchosa mwamene umu so ndiye chamene nima tasha  ni survival. (my business helps me to sustain myself).


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