Budding rapper hails Mampi for inspiring starters


Terence Miselo writes


Budding female rapper Mary Mkandawire says being a female artiste in Zambia is not easy.

She says the only consolation is having singers like Miriam ‘Mampi’Mukape who has played a leading role in motivating upcoming female musicians.

“To become a musician was my biggest dream since childhood.  I love singing and dancing like Mampi and Angela Nyirenda. The two have inspired me especially Mampi who has proven that although it may not be easy to be a female artiste, one can make it if they try harder,” says. Mkandawire is popularly known by the stage name Mirraj Malifah Stargal,

“Mampi has inspired me because even when a lot of people used to say bad things about her, her dressing and dancing, she still never stopped. Female artistes face criticism and some of them stop but Mampi has proven that you can do it if you don’t quit,” Stargal says.

She insists that she will push her way through until she makes it like Mampi. She is working closely with Rich Bizzy and has released since a single called ‘ Blessings’ with him.

“Last year, I released a cover to Rich Bizzy’s ‘Kokolapo’. I also did Chance yako, and in December, I released ‘Tamwakaleyepo’ and this year I released “Blessing”. It’s the one we are promoting right now,” she said.


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