Uncollected garbage chokes Kaunda Square




UNCOLLECTED garbage is choking residents and marketeers of Lusaka’s Kaunda Square Stage II.

Some residents and marketeers have complained of uncollected garbage at the market in the area.

They complained that despite paying fees for collection, the garbage still remained uncollected posing serious health risks.

They told the Lusaka Sun that they had opted to burn the garbage even though that contributed to air pollution.

“We as a community have been left with no alternative to clear the garbage without proper tools and protective clothing. But now we are finding it difficult to burn the garbage because of the rains. So we are stuck with garbage,” one of the marketeers, Doreen Foloshi, said.

Ms Foloshi said the area had been neglected because even civic leaders appeared not interested in solving the problem.

She said that since the new councillor was put in office he had not shown his face despite promising to maintain the area.

Ms Foloshi said she and fellow marketeers had on several occasions been reporting the situation to relevant authorities, but all had been in vain.

Another marketer, Mr William Bumba, said the uncollected garbage at the centre of the community was now a health hazard as fresh foods were also being sold around the area.

“As you have seen for yourself, this heap of uncollected garbage is right at the door of a community hall that is used as a place for immunisations, a church on Sundays, as well as a place for some community meetings. Do you think the people will survive the outbreak of diseases? Mr Bumba said.


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