“Events Girls” with remarkable passion



Hosting and promoting events has never been an easy task. It always calls for dedicated passion and commitment. 

With Zambia having a diverse cultural background, it is clear that putting up an event, especially one of entertainment nature, requires a general understanding of what is trending and making sense in the world of showbiz.

It is this principle that has kept two blood sisters, namely Monde and Chishimba Nyambe, manage to organise high profile entertainment events to earn respect in the business of promoting and hosting events.

Trading as PR Girl Media, the two sisters have been behind hosting of such remarkable events like the ‘Penthouse Party’, ‘Lusaka July,’ ‘Ocktober Fest’ and ‘the Picnic Party’ among others. The two, born in a family of four and raised by a single mother, have worked very hard in what seems to be a male-dominated industry and still insist on creating more events this year. 

So who really is Chishimba and Monde?


Born on 26 February 1988, Monde Nyambe is the younger one of the PR Girls and the last born in the family. Monde’s academic background in Computer Science and Business led her to an early career in banking after which she took a keen interest in hospitality and events styling and management during her travels in Australia and Asia. It was not until three years ago that she realized she could pursue her passion of event styling and management as a profession. When she is not working, Monde enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, family and travelling. 


Chishimba popularly known as “Chichi” is 33 years old. Born 7th September 1985, dubbed the social butterfly of the two. Chichi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of Windsor in Canada and a Master’s Degree in Communications from Edith Cowan University in Australia. Chishimba has over seven years’ experience in Public Relations and with her key interests in Lifestyle brands. She is headed to becoming Zambia’s leading celebrity PR consultant. While she shares the interest in travel with her sister, Chichi enjoys cooking and hosting friends at home in her spare time. 


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