Chibolya denied development




CHIBOLYA is not given equal development opportunities compared to other parts of Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka, a senior resident has lamented.

Speaking in an interview yesterday Wisdom Funjika said for a long time now the area had not had good roads and water supply compared to other parts of the constituency.

Mr Funjika said ward councillor Brighton Bilumba had not responded to the challenges and that he did not visit the affected areas.

Chibolya, located at the southern tip of Lusaka city, is the closest shanty compound to the city’s central business district (CBD).

It is notorious for open drug trafficking and crime.

Outsiders are either attacked or forced to pay an ‘entry fee’.

And Mr Funjika says the crime rate in the area has ironically multiplied after police conducted a crackdown on drug dealers.

He said most drug dealers conducted their business during the day and left the township in the evening or late afternoon, and that police should therefore crackdown on them during the day.

The people police arrested during night operations were innocent because the real culprits left the township before night fall.

Mr Funjika advised the law enforcement officers to engage the community to curb crime in the area.

“We are not being considered in terms of development compared to other parts of Kanyama Constituency. Our ward councillor is not doing much despite his office being in the area. He keeps on promising. There is a lot of uncollected garbage and you know this is rain season. We can have a cholera outbreak.

“And the crime rate in the area is still high. Police arrest innocent people when they strike at night because the real culprits would have already left the area,” he said.

Mr Funjika said cases of early marriages were also high in the area because most girls did not go to school and were enticed with money by boys who sold drugs.


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