‘He demands sex whenever he brings child maintenance’


A WOMAN complained before a Lusaka local court that her lover with whom she has a child demands sex every time he takes child maintenance.

Bertha Mumba, 30, of Chazanga Compound who sued Chipo Mantele, 32, of the same compound for child maintenance said the man was however not adequately maintaining his child.

Mumba told Senior Court Magistrate Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that Mantele was her boyfriend and that they have a child whom he was not properly maintaining, adding that he also never cared for her when she was pregnant.

She explained that Mantele always demanded sex as a condition to give her child maintenance.

“When Mantele gives me child maintenance, I know that he will demand sex. Sometimes even when there are people around he will be busy demanding for sex and sometimes he does it by forcing me,” she said

In defence, Mantele who has eight children including Mumba’s child said that he phoned Mumba when he came from work and gave her K50.

He explained that sometimes when he was with his wife he would phone Mumba to come over so that he could buy things for the child, she refused to because she hated his wife.

In submission, Mumba said that she wanted the court to help her as she was tired of Mantele’s demand for sex each time he brought child maintenance.

But Mantele denied ever going to Mumba’s house.

The court ordered Mantele to be paying child maintenance fee of K300 per month through the court to stop him from demanding sex from Mumba.


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