Davaos urges more support to Covid-19 fight


Terence Miselo Writes


Zambian all-female raga dancehall group says there is need for more people to offer aid and support towards the Covid-19 fight.

Adding a voice to the pandemic that has spread worldwide, Davaos’s Anivao said the pandemic has had serious effects on entertainment and her group in particular.

“We as Davaos want to urge all our fans around the world let’s fight Corona Virus. We are in this fight together and if we follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health then we shall defeat COVID-19,” Anivao said

“We advise everyone especially those who can offer support in terms of donations to do so and help the many affected. Especially, economically. We need to all be engaged in the fight.”

She said her team, like everyone else has lost revenue because of restrictions on social gatherings and interactions.
“Mass cancellation of events and restrictions on social gatherings are impacting our ability to do what we love, and to make a living but we understand that it’s difficult to close a business for three or four weeks, but it’s more difficult to close a casket of a loved one for an entire life. Stay home and wash your hands Covid-19 is real,” advised Anivao.


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