‘My wife defecates on floor when drunk’



A NDOLA man has told the court that he married another woman because his wife denied him sex for many months and defecated on the floor each time she got drunk.

He said he would be forced to clean her excreta the next morning.

The man said this in defence when his wife sued him for divorce, which was apparently granted.

Victoria Chapa 32 of Nkwazi Township had sued her husband Clifford Siame 38 of the same area for divorce for deserting his matrimonial home.

She told the court the two got married in 2007 and had three children together and 150 dowry was paid.

Ms Chapa said they lived well when they got married until in 2011 when they had their second born child and her husband started sleeping out.

“I told my mother in-law about everything but she said her son was still young and could marry anyone he wanted and that I should just do same,” she said.

The case came before Mapalo local court senior presiding magistrate Judith Bwalya and Chileshe Nsofu.

Ms Chapa said she continued living with her husband and when the baby was three months old, she began looking for piece works and that was how she started working to fend for her children.

She said the husband left home for two months and when he came back in 2014 he told her that his parents had told him to get back with his first wife he had married before marrying her.

“We decided to live together and look  after our children and when I became pregnant with our third child, my husband left us again and when the child was born, he came back and only named the child and left,” she said.

She said she called him to tell him to support his children as she was not managing on her own and that each time she called her mother in-law, she used to shout at her.

But in his statement, Mr Siame said he married Ms Chapa in 2007 and that when he stopped working, she would complain about everything.

He said he married another woman because his wife used to deny him sex and would stay starved for some months.

“She did not respect me, she would defecate in the house whenever she was drunk and would ask me to clean the dirty the following morning,” he said.

He said when he started working, Ms Chapa used to harass him and harassed his new wife.

Mr Siame said Ms Chapa did not allow him to see his children and that was the reason he stopped supporting her.

In passing judgment, the court dissolved the marriage on grounds that both parties wanted to divorce and that there was no respect in their marriage.

The court ordered Mr Chapa to compensate his former wife K8, 400 in monthly instalments of K350 and to pay K650 monthly as child maintenance.


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