THE kit distribution exercise by FAZ should not be confused with campaigns for the 2020 elections, says president Andrew Kamanga.

Kamanga said that the kit distribution was a programme that was approved by the FAZ council at the 2017 annual general meeting (AGM).

He explained that FAZ was conducting kit distribution exercise throughout Zambia for the second time after the resolution passed by delegates at the annual general meeting in 2017.

Speaking during the Copperbelt provincial executive on Saturday, Kamanga further advised aspirants for the 2020 elections to pay attention to the provisions of the FIFA aligned constitution that provided for an integrity test.

“In the resolutions of the AGM in 2017 we committed as an executive to give equipment support to all the clubs in Division II and III as well as women teams that we will give them some footballs, a set of jerseys or two as well as a K5, 000,

“Of course there are others still complaining but I think the rules are very clear, this is one of the promises we made when we were campaigning that the money that is coming from FIFA will be distributed and shared with everybody who is a member of FAZ,” said Kamanga

Kamanga said some people were disappointed that his executive was delivering on their pledges.

“Let us be open minded and accept that we know where we are coming from and we know what we are doing and know where we are going, So these suspicions should not even arise,” he said.

He further said that some of the people were not happy that whatever he promised to do, was now happening.

Kamanga advised some prospective candidates to read the FAZ constitution so that their campaigns were not in vain.

He said that the Ethics Committee would conduct integrity tests on all candidates.

“So as we go to the elections next year, those who have already started campaigning please take note of the provisions of the Ethics Committee or what the requirements are because you may also find that you are working very hard on the ground and then unfortunately fail the integrity test,

“Also issues on of corruption please note the constitution is very clear, when you want to make a donation to a club, there is a limit of $25 dollars. Anything above that will be treated as corruption for both those who are going receive and those giving,” he said

FAZ has been distributing equipment and footballs to lower divisions during its provincial conferences which it had so far held in six provinces.


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