Companies donate to female inmates




MIKA Group of Hotels, Trade Kings and Oriental Quarries have donated goods to female inmates at the Lusaka Central Prison (Chimbokaila) as a way to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day.

Mika Group of Hotels General Manager, Wally Makwele, said that his company’s decision to donate to the inmates was part of its Cooperate Social Responsibility.

Ms. Makwele said that her company position was that no woman should feel left behind regardless of their situations.

“No matter what they do or did, women are important people in the society. Without women, there would be no mothers and without mothers this world would have not been the way it is,” she said.

She expressed concern at the living conditions for the women prisoners especially those living with children.

And Trade Kings Public Relations and Cooperate Affairs Manager, Bridget Kambobe, said her company’s decision to donate to female inmates is to ensure that they do not feel secluded.

“We are committed as Trade Kings to empower and develop women because we believe in transforming lives and ploughing back into the community,” she said.

She said that her company will always partner with government to alleviate poverty among.

And speaking when received the donation on behalf of the inmates, Lusaka Central Female Correctional Facility Assistant Superintendent, Mary Filinga, expresses happiness with the donations.

Ms. Filinga thanked the companies for thinking about the inmates’ welfare before anyone else.

She urged the three companies to continue with their good gesture.

Donated items included bed sheets, cleaning and washing detergents, sanitary towels, baby disposable nappies, paint, and food stuffs.


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