Married man fined K6,000 for pregnancy


A MARRIED man who impregnated a grade 12 pupil has been fined K6,000.

Godfrey Chali, 51, of new Chilenje has sued Evans Saili, 26, of Chalala for impregnating his 22-year-old daughter.

“Saili is married and he cannot marry my daughter and therefore I just want him to pay for the damages he caused he told the Chilenje local court in the presence of magistrate Ackim Phiri and Hildah Choonya.

“He damaged her last year when she was in grade 12 and she was unable to sit for her exams, he left Lusaka for two months I called him and his wife answered that’s how I knew he was married and has a child”.

“I charged him K12000 and he has not paid anything. If he was not married I would have allowed them to get married but I just want him to compensate me since he is already married,” Mr Chali told the court.

“Since she had a miscarriage and they are not getting married, I will remove a k2000 and he will pay k10000,” he said.

Saili told the court that he did not break her virginity but just impregnated her and that he had not refused to make the payment.

“He charged me in the absence of my family, since they are not in Lusaka. I can be making a K500 payment per month.”

“I was not the first man to sleep with her, I was the second. I just made her pregnant and I told Chali that I wanted to marry her and have two wives,” said Saili.

When questioned, Grace Chali   admitted that Chali did not break her virginity and  that he was the second man to sleep with her, and   made her pregnant.  The court ordered Saili to pay K6000 since there was no virginity damage, and it shall be made in monthly installments


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