Animal cruelty levels worry LAWS




A local animal rights activist says cruelty against animals is rife in Lusaka.

Lusaka Animal Welfare society (LAWS) chairperson, Caroline Pearce, also expressed concern at the manner animals, like livestock, is handled and slaughtered for consumption.

Ms. Pearce disclosed to The Sun in an interview, that one Lusaka-based abattoir is in the habit of killing pregnant animals and that it does not also follow procedures of how to handle them before slaughter.

She said, “It’s very disturbing to see how an abattoir can be cruel to animals, particularly cows, especially in the manner they are killing them.”

“They break the animal’s legs by throwing them from the trucks, and on top of that, they slaughter the cows by hitting them with hammers two or three times on the head. You can imagine the pain the poor animals go through,” she said.

She appealed to government to urgently investigate what happens at the abattoirs saying health inspectors at some of slaughterhouses did not infact properly check the animals’ health before killing them for human consumption thereby posing a serious health risk to consumers. She said animals, like cows, sometime contain diseases like tuberculosis, which could easily be transferred to human beings.


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