Lusaka man ordered to pay K400 child support


Rabecca Banda writes

The Boma local court has ordered a Lusaka man to pay his former lover K400 child support.

Dominic Mumba,36, of Kabanana  was sued by his lover of 5 years for failing to maintain their children.

Idah Phiri, 30,  of Garden compound, had sued her lover after he stopped providing for  their two children.

Phiri explained that they used to stay together and had two children.

Phiri said her lover then chased her from the house together with the children.

Phiri said she was under pressure and cannot take care of the children’s needs alone as she was not working.

“I have brought him to court so that he can start supporting our children. Schools have opened and they have to go to school,“ Phiri said.

The two we appearing before senior local court magistrates Martha Tembo and Ngandwe Mukuka.

But Mumba said  he cannot fail and has not refused to support his children but that his former lover took everything from the house and now he has to start from scratch.

“I cannot fail to support my children. I will be supporting them, but not now because I don’t have a job,” Mumba  said.

The court described their relationship as cohabiting  and not marriage and ordered the man to give his former lover K400 child support and provide the necessary needs for the children.


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