Livingstone Green Market traders cry to the council


MARKETEERS at Livingstone’s Green Market have called on the local authority to put up a proper shelter and an improved sanitation for them at the facility.
The marketeers told the Sun that the market had never seen a proper shelter since its inception from which they could conduct their businesses.
One marketeer Alice Muyunda complained that the council has been promising them a good shelter as well as ideal sanitation for a long time now but nothing had materialized to date.
“These people have been collecting tax from us and promising us proper trading conditions but we have not seen any development at the market,” Ms. Muyunda said.
She said that the market was exposed to many dangers such as accidents especially that it was just on the road in the town centre.
Ms Muyunda said that there was need to put up a barrier that could demarcate the market from the road so that they were able to conduct their businesses in a safe environment.

She noted that traders had not been selling their merchandize freely as they always feared to be injured in case of a road traffic accident near the facility.
Another marketeer, Holiness Kanguya said that the council should also ensure that it provided proper toilets and water reticulation system at the market.
Meanwhile, some marketeers at Maramba market called on the council to create enough space in the market.
The marketeers said that they were just too many of them in the market and selling of merchandise was their big challenge due to overcrowding.
They said that the council should find land for the construction of a new market or try and take some of the marketeers to other markets in the city


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