‘Sexy’ school uniforms worry HIV activist



THE dressing of school going pupils especially in high schools has turned indecent as most of them wear short uniforms that suggestively reveal their body structures, an HIV activist, Agnes Banda has complained.

Ms Banda said female pupils did not only wear short uniforms but they also plaited hair such as wigs and wave and applied makeup on their face, which was against the school policies and ostensibly to attract men.

She said it was disheartening to see young girls exposing their thighs as they walked around in public.

Ms Banda said as if that was not bad enough, most of them had a tendency of hitch-hiking vehicles when going to school in those kinds of dressings which was not right for pupils.  

“Our school going pupils and students at tertiary level have lost their morals the morals have decayed. As a teacher l have observed how the pupils come to school especially from high schools in short revealing uniforms.

“It’s sad to note that, their parents give them money for transport but they choose to hike with such kind of appearances in mini skits and makeup and they do not choose which vehicle to hike they even go for expensive cars now where are we going with this,” she said.

Ms Banda said some pupils even had expensive phones with them, which they used in class something that was against the school policy.

She also complained that the boys also had a habit of wearing trousers that very tight looking like they had dippers in their school slacks and they had very fun haircut and others wore head sock in class which was every bad.     

Ms Banda said educational was not only meant for people to read and write but everything was supposed to be taught, “These children should be educated holistically morally and spiritually in all aspect of life.    

She appeared to the teachers and parents to monitor the children as they left their homes adding that, teachers should not allow children with fun dressing to enter class. 

“Parents its not loving a child if you do not want to correct the child and buying them short uniforms or adjusting then so that the thighs can be showing and buying them makeup. As a parent you are not helping the child but destroying them and in most cases such girls fall pregnant because they attract men,” she said.  

She said HIV would be very difficult to control if the situation of the young people was not controlled.

Ms Banda also expressed sadness with the statistics from Eastern province were 24,000 plus girls had been reported of being impregnated last year “and you know that if someone is pregnant it means that, that person did not use any protection when having sex.”

She speculated that out of the 24,000 maybe half or all of them had become HIV positive making it difficult to control the epidemic.    

Ms Banda appealed to the Ministry of General Education, the schools were the pupils were going to Teachers and Parents to work together so the children could be controlled.


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