Court fines woman K2, 000 over witchcraft claim




A LUSAKA woman of Kalingalinga compound has been ordered to pay her neighbour K2, 000 as compensation for accusing her of being a witch.

This was in a case in which Matridah Chikumanika sued Salome Bwalya for calling her a witch.

Chikumanika told Chilenje Local Court Justice Ackim Phiri that Bwalya accused her of practicing witchcraft.

“She said I was a witch and she doesn’t sleep at night because of me. Whenever someone is called a witch in my area they burn their house or even kill that person,” Chikumanika said.

 In defence, Bwalya apologised to Chikumanika and asked for her leniency.

 “I accept I was wrong to speak ill of you and I apologise,” Bwalya said.

She told the court that she sees Chikumanika in her dreams bringing snakes to bite her.

Bwalya said she has since developed problems with her legs and that when she went to the hospital, the doctor could not establish cause of the illness, after which she was advised to go for prayers.

The court told Bwalya to learn to respect the elderly.

 “We are not animals, if there was a problem you should have gone to her house to talk about it.  It is good that you have apologized and she has forgiven you. You will compensate her with a K2, 000 effective 25th February 2019,” Justice Phiri said.


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