Ministry probes pit latrine baby case



THE Health ministry is investigating the case in which a seventeen year old girl gave birth by herself and her newborn fell into the pit latrine at Chembe’s Kasoma Lwela Rural Health Post.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Abel Kabalo told The Sun yesterday that his office was aware of the incident but is still awaiting a full report from the Luapula provincial health administration office on the same.

 “…we are aware of the incident. We will be able to give you full information once we have the full details,” Dr. Kabalo stated. 

On Friday, The Sun on its front page, carried a story on 17-year-old Foybey Mwewa who gave birth in a pit latrine after the nurse on duty delayed in attending to her and her newborn fell into the drop hole.

The nurse involved in the matter has reportedly been moved without knowledge of the Ministry of Health.

This was after the same nurse had attempted to lie that the birth was an abortion case when police queried her on the incident in a bid to shift blame onto the girl. The baby survived after the police dug up the toilet and fished it out.


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