Shakalongo urges women to wear natural hairstyles




Veteran musician and human rights activist Brian Shakarongo Chengala has embarked on a seven- day campaign dubbed ‘ Black Hair Revolution’ intended to promote African pride by discouraging women from wearing hair extensions.

Shakarongo to The Sun that the campaign is also intended to appreciate the African culture.

“This awareness is for the whole week. We intend for it to be an annual event to celebrate the Black Hair Revolution, the beginning of dismantling self-hate and foreign artificial practices by our black sisters and daughters,” he said.

“ For this year, we shall have another awareness week in June and we are calling on people to join the movement.”

The musician said the campaign is asking all followers and participants to share online their photographs or pictures of people wearing natural hair with the caption:

“This week is all about Africa pride. This year’s resolution is to support and encourage our black queens, sisters and daughters to return to their original natural hairstyles. Daughters of Africa. We pride in your beauty.”

Shakalongo said the idea of the black hair revolution is to support and encourage African women to return to wearing their original natural hairstyles.

He said the campaign wishes to tell them that “we pride in your beauty because the beauty of your hair speaks to the whole universe from the motherland-Africa.”

He also encourages the radio stations to play music that promote African pride. 


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