Macky2, SlapDee make up?


Local hip hop music rivals Macky2 and SlapDee are seemingly showing signs of unity as the two shared this picture on  social media creating speculation  of a possible collaboration to put to an end the long time music rivalry between their  camps XYZ and Kopala Swag.

Macky2 shared the above picture with the following caption:

 “ Never Take Sides.. Coz When The 2 Put Their Differences Aside, You Will Look Like An Idiot. Lol. It’s A New Year.. It’s Time For Young People To Put Fyonse Ifi Ifyabupuba Behind And Work Together. “None of us is as smart as all of us.” #weshallrise #kings #ZedHipHop #ZambianMusic #proudlyzambian  #unity”

And SlapDee captioned the picture as follows:

“Sit with winners. The conversation is different.”

Have the two made up?


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