KILLING OF A 24-YEAR-OLD MAN OF CHILENJE SHOCKS ICOZ – as the increasing number of LGBTQ activities in the country worries the church


The Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) has condemned the burning to death of a 24-year-old man of Lusaka’s Chilenje Township by some suspected homosexuals.

The victim identified as Chama Njovu was attacked and burnt to death after he allegedly turned down advances from some suspected gay people. He was put to rest yesterday at Lusaka’s Leopards Hill Cemetery.

Speaking in an interview with Millennium TV, ICOZ president, David Masupa said the church is worried about the recent increase in the number of LGBTQ activities in the country.

“This brings a lot of worry on the church that homosexuality, lesbians, gays in short, LGBTQ groups of people are disgruntled and indeed they are grieved if they can go to the extent of burning a fellow associate, a suspected fellow associate but these are the assertions. What we are hearing from the media, what we are reading from the media, we don’t know how true it.

“But should there be any grain of truth in it, we want to appeal to our colleagues, especially those who are differently sexually oriented that it is very, very wrong to kill a person just because you have a desire, a gluttony or a sexual desire with a person who does not or has not been sexually oriented in that way,” Bishop Masupa said.

Bishop Masupa noted that the activities of the LGBTQ community should not be condoned in a Christian nation.

He appealed to the LGBTQ community to engage the church on how best they can express their views instead of causing chaos and havoc in communities.


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