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The illegal parceling and selling of land by suspected political party cadres has hit new levels with the political party gangs designing new strategies in which land is being allocated to prospective buyers in the middle of the night in Kitwe’s Wusakile Township, it has been revealed.

Political party cadres in an attempt to beat the law are now using the shadows of the night to conduct their illegal land deals and there has been a scramble for the land and the cadres are cashing in.

Some Luangwa residents like Margret Chibesa, Felix Lungu and Joyce Kalanda who are now getting irritated by the rampant illegal allocation of land by political party cadres have accused a named civic leader of being the instigator of illegal land allocation.

Ms Chibesa said illegal allocation of land has reached alarming levels where party cadres were allocating land in the night at Luangwa B market after some people were arrested and are now appearing before the courts of law

“Yes, it is true that some political party cadres are allocating land at night at Luangwa B market. Am sure they have resorted to allocating land at night after those who were involved in the illegal demarcation of land at CINDI were arrested and are appearing in court. 

“When you come out to challenge them on why they are involved in the illegal sale of land, they start threatening you and using all sorts of bad language and insults,” Ms Chibesa said

Last week, UPND Luangwa Ward Councillor Mary Zimba warned that she will deal firmly with a suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadre identified as Edward Chilambe for accusing her of being involved in the illegal sale of land on the piece of land belonging to CINDI

But, Mr Chilambe described the threats as nothing unwarranted flare-ups because he was merely advising the civic leader to handle issues of land carefully, especially that some Luangwa residents were appearing in court for cases relating to illegal land demarcation and allocation. 

“I do not survive on plots and so do not provoke me beyond limits. If PF have given you an assignment to provoke me, you will find yourself where your colleagues are taken. Do not talk too much, don’t behave like Chilufya Tayali of Luangwa ward. I do not know where you grew up but stay away from me because I will deal with you firmly,” Ms Zimba said

But, Mr Chilambe said the outbursts by the councillor were unwarranted because he was merely advising her to handle issues of land carefully, especially that some Luangwa residents were appearing in court for cases relating to illegal land demarcation 

Mr Chilambe said about 25 residents of Luangwa Township have been appearing in court for cases relating to illegal demarcating of land belonging to CINDI, while seven others have also been appearing in court for similar cases

“So, on December 8, 2022, there will be judgement for the 25 residents who were involved in the illegal demarcation of land belonging to CINDI, while on December 7, 2022, there will be another judgement for a similar case. 

“So the offence I committed against the councillor was to advise her to tread cautiously on issues of land to avoid situations where people are arrested and start appearing in court. I think her outbursts are unwarranted,” Mr Chilambe said

In June 2022, Kitwe Town Clerk Patrick Kambita warned that the on-going subdividing and allocation of land taking place in Luangwa township by some individuals is illegal and has got no blessings of the Kitwe City Council (KCC).

Mr Kambita issued the warning after suspected UPND cadres calling themselves members of the community manhandled two residents who had taken a media crew  to a piece of land which they had invaded.

The suspected UPND cadres in Luangwa township led by Mr Brian Chilufya manhandled Mr Morgan Mumba and another one identified only as Chilambe and labelled them to be crooks who should not be trusted by any one.

Mr Kambita said acquisition of land has a procedure to follow and so people must not mobilise themselves and take over pieces of land, but must follow the procedure to avoid getting into any problems.


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