THE Ministry of Mines is working behind schedule in finalising structures that would be put in place to ensure sanity is brought back in operations at all the mining dumpsites, says Minister Paul Kabuswe.

Mr. Kabuswe said in an interview that the suspension would have been lifted at the end of December after all the modalities have been put in place but the ministry has gone beyond schedule hence the delay.

Mr. Kabuswe said the ministry would soon inform the stakeholders and the general public on the lifting of the suspended works.

“We should have done that at the end of December but we are behind schedule which is normal but very soon an announcement will be made. We have gone beyond our limit.  We  wanted it to be done in December but certain things were not yet in place,” he said.

He assured that despite the delay, the ministry would ensure that sanity is brought back in the operations of the mines which include activities at the dumpsites.

Small-Scale Miners Association official Kelvin Tembo recently said halting operations at the black mountain for a longer time would force youths engaged in the activities to force themselves in and carry out illegal activities to the disadvantage of the general populace.

Mr. Tembo said youths who have for a long time been operating at the black mountain can’t afford to wait longer because most of them depend on the activities at the black mountain for sustenance.

He said to avoid any illegality, the government should allow youths to work in a place they are familiar with and engage in operations that they are accustomed to. 



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