Nephew jailed for assaulting uncle over nshima


Nephew jailed for assaulting uncle over nshima


THE Kasama Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 23-year-old peasant farmer of Mungwi to two years imprisonment with hard labour for assaulting his uncle over nshima.

Victor Mwila pleaded guilty to assaulting his uncle, Mr Peter Chisanga, 43, using a slasher on August 25, this year.

He appeared before Magistrate Joe Samboko.

According to facts presented by National Prosecutions Authority prosecutor, Daniel Mkhandawire, Mwila went to his uncle’s house inquiring if there was nshima left for him on the material day around 18:00 hours.

He was told that there was no nshima at the time but was assured that a meal would be prepared so that they could eat together as a family.

However, this annoyed him and started beating Mr Chisanga with a slasher.

In mitigation, Mwila asked the court to exercise maximum leniency for him saying he did not know what he was doing at the time.

Mwila told the court that he was veryremorseful and has learnt a lesson during the days he had been in detention.

However, Mr Samboko said he had considered his mitigation, but stated that he would impose a stiff punishment and sentenced him accordingly effective August 26, when he was arrested.

He said this would deter would-be offenders from engaging in violent activities.



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