Luvale Establishment wants popular candidates




THE Patriotic Front (PF) should only adopt a popular candidate for Zambezi West Constituency because the primary elections that were held in North Western province were marred with corruption, the Luvale Royal Establishment has said.

A representative of the establishment, Chief Chinyama Cha Mukwamai, also congratulated PF for appointing a ‘well balanced’ central committee with representation from all the 10 provinces.

Chief Chinyama Cha Mukwamai said PF should only adopt candidates for the August elections who had been endorsed by the people on the ground and traditional leaders.

He congratulated President Edgar Lungu on his adoption as PF presidential candidate in the upcoming August elections.

The traditional leader however called on the President to ensure that only popular candidates were adopted in North Western province.

He said the primary elections were marred with corruption.

“I have observed that the primary elections that were held in North Western province particularly in Zambezi West Constituency were marred with corruption and am therefore appealing to the newly appointed PF central committee to only adopt popular candidates,” he said. Chief Chinyama Cha Mukwamai is currently representing the Luvale Royal Establishment from the demise of Senior Chief Ndungu who has not yet been installed.



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