Roberto tips upcoming artistes


Terence Miselo
MUSICIAN Robert Banda aka Roberto has urged upcoming artistes to work very hard and avoid complaining too much.

The artiste who brands himself as the Superstar said this in his recent post on Facebook dubbed ‘ Dear Upcoming Artiste’.

” Firstly your frustration won’t get you anywhere. Your posts complaining about not getting help, won’t get you any help,” writes Roberto.

” What you need to do is observe and learn, even your favorite artiste is an upcoming artiste to more established artistes like Jay Z, Beyonce, Drake etc.”

He advised them to exercise maturity and patience if help seems not to be coming their way.

“Trust me, even I have been denied features before, but that does not mean the end of the road,” he said.

” People will help you on your way up, once the doors start opening. Trust me, they will open all the way.”



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