Don’t abandon your calling,
pastors advised


DO not forsake your calling of preaching the Gospel in preference to contesting political positions in the August 12 general elections, the Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) has advised pastors.

BCZ General Secretary Bishop Abel Kaela said the pastors should not swayed by the current political frenzy to abandon their calling or risk God’s anger.

He said love for power and money has destroyed a lot of men of God but advised the pastors to learn from the calamities that have befallen those that have in past ignored the warning from God.

“Stay away from active politics or they risk ending up like Nevers Mumba who is facing many tribulations on the political arena for abandoning the pulpit,” he said.

Bishop Abel kaela said it was unfortunate that a number of pastors in the country have abandoned their flock for political power, a situation he said has angered God.

 “As a council, we saddened that a lot of pastors have abandoned the pulpit and now concentrating on contesting in the coming general election at the expense of preaching the gospel to the lost,” he said.

Bishop Kaela said while there is nothing wrong with the Men of God to aspire for any elective office, the clergy should remember that they are vessel of the gospel before anything.

He appealed to opposition political party leaders in the country to respect the office of the President and remember that leadership was given by god.



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