Ken Dumbo, Felistus team up


Terence Miselo

COMEDIAN Ken Dumbo has announced he will be working with Malawi’s female comedian Felistus Nya-uyu-Ngwira.

Felistu’s is one of Malawi’s top comedians who uses comedy to condemn negativity in society.

She describes herself as a comedian who promotes culture, education and entertainment.

Felistus is in the country to forster work relations with Ken Dumbo and his management label Fanike Media.

Ken and Felistus started their friendship via social media but now it has grown into working together professionally and socially.

The two are not only looking at working together but also building their relationship into something personal and close.

In the recent past, Felistas and Ken’s friendship has attracted attention and speculation on social media that the two could be seeing each other or faking their friendship for likes and numbers.

But when asked about why Felistas has chosen to work with  Ken Dumbo, she said he is one of the people she looks up to and that the two have a lot in common.

” I love working with great people,” she said.

On cyberbullying and negativity against women in entertainment, Felistas says she chooses to remain focussed and pay a deaf ear to negativity.

And Ken Dumbo says he is  happy Felistus is in the country and that it is proof enough the two are very close and working together.

” People have seen what is happening on social media(between him and Felistus) and we have heard our politicians saying we must build bilateral relationships,  it should not only be done at the top but also down here where people must interact and work together,” he said.

” She is finally here, and there is a lot that we are planning. She is not only working with me but with the whole team( Fanike Media)”.



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