East headmen support President Lungu

President Lungu

Over 500 headmen from Lusangazi district in Eastern Province have pledged their support towards President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) Party during the August 2021 general elections.

The headmen said they have decided to throw their support behind President Edgar Lungu because of the good leadership the President has demonstrated and the many developmental projects being undertaken in Lusangazi.

Senior headman Kanthema, Everson Mbewe, cited the declaration of Lusangazi as a district as one progressive decision President Lungu took.

He also cited connection of power to Sandwe Chiefdom through the Rural Electrification Authority and the grading of Chilongozi road from Petauke to Lusangazi.

The traditional leader added that the road that links Lusangazi and Mambwe district are also milestone developmental projects that have been undertaken in the area under President Lungu’s leadership.

Headman Kathema said it was for this reason that all the headmen in the area will rally behind President Lungu and the PF party candidates in the fourth coming general elections.

The headman was speaking in Lusangazi, when Msanzala Member of Parliament,  Peter Daka delivered 500 bicycles to the headmen in all the eight wards of Msanzala Constituency on behalf of the President.

“Chisangu ward is the like a bedroom for the PF because it is the only ward that had the first PF councillor who was in opposition by then so all the headmen in this community are in full support of President Edgar Lungu, the MP Peter Daka and all candidates who will contest on the PF ticket in August this year,” he said.

Other headmen who added their voices to support President Lungu was Senior headman Sichilima from Mawanda Ward who said the PF administration has delivered development to the people.

“We have seen it all, the developments are many and it will not be fair if we tolerated other people apart from Edgar Lungu, Peter Daka and all the PF candidates in this year’s general elections,” he said.

Meanwhile headman Nyamia, Levison Phiri, also thanked the President Lungu for blessing them with bicycles and for developing Lusangazi.

“What the President has done is a commendable job and he deserves another term,” he said.

And Msanzala Constituency Member of Parliament, Peter Daka said President Lungu was concerned about the welfare of people in rural areas such as the headmen and gifted them with bicycles for their easy movements.

Mr Daka, who was accompanied by Msanzala constituency PF officials, urged the headmen to fully support President Edgar Lungu and all the PF candidates in the August 2021 general elections for continuation of developmental projects being undertaken in the area.

“I’ m just a messenger who was has been sent by President to deliver these bicycles to you because it was what you requested from him so that you use them during your movements from one destination to the other,” he said.

The lawmaker pointed out that Msanzala constituency had benefited a lot in terms of development such as the drilling and repairing of boreholes for improved water and sanitation, grading of the main roads and feeder roads. “This is one constituency that has seen a lot of developments in all angles such as water, mobile network, roads and electricity among others,” he said.



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