Covid-19 second wave signal?


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AT the last Covid-19 update, the Ministry of Health announced 127 new cases which is cause for concerned because this goes against the 3 month pattern that had seen low numbers of positive cases.
Is this a sign that the second wave of Covid-19 cases is now in Zambia?
The Covid-19 fight has seen around 364 fatalities since March 2020 and there is a cause for concern now that seven deaths have been recorded in a single day.
Worryingly, the highest number of cases were recorded in the tourist capital, Livingstone.
This comes shortly after Zambia was recognised as a Covid-19 safe travel destination. An accolade that the Ministry of Health has attributed to consistency in the coordination of the multi sector approach towards COVID-19 response, which the country has put in place.
The Health ministry has advised that there is still a risk of Covid-19 infections considering the global setup of free movements exacerbated by the cold weather that come with the rain season.
Many citizens are now taking a relaxed approach to public health guidelines following the low numbers of positive Covid-19 cases that were being reported.
In fact, in many places, hand sanitising and the waring of face masks have been abandoned.
The false belief that only elderly persons are at risk of contracting Covid-19 has also been proven as several school going children have tested positive for Covid-19.
Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Dr Kennedy Malama announced that since schools opened, 138 COVID-19 cases among leaners have been recorded from 20 districts.
“Let me assure the parents that our pupils are safe in schools and the Ministry will continue to work with ministry of Education so that together we can protect the lives of the learners,” he said.
He noted that as the festive period commences, families are expected to increase movement which will bring a high risk of contracting COVID-19.
He also observed that the Ministry has noted with concern some of the learning institutions that are not adhering to the COVID-19 public health measures.
“As a Ministry we have noted that most of the boarding schools are not observing and adhering to masking up, washing hands and social distancing COVID-19 rules,” Dr Malama noted.
Dr Malama appealed to parents to continue encouraging the leaners to continue with masking up and washing hands and maintaining social distance in school.
He said the Ministry of Health will continue to working with the Ministry of Education with surveillance of testing in indoor to protect the lives of leaners in school.
Parliament has heard that 150 pupils in 20 districts have tested positive for Covid-19.
“The house may wish to know that these cases have been reported from primary and secondary schools in 20 districts in nine provinces,” Vice-President Inonge Wina announced.
“Mr Speaker, it’s true that 150 pupils contracted Covid-19 in schools. However surveillance programme has detected this figure among learners since schools opened in September this year after closing in March,” she said.
The Vice-President, however, assured parents that school-going children were safe and the surveillance of the pandemic in schools would continue to prevent its potential spread.
“May I also take this opportunity to encourage the nation to continue wearing masks and continue adhering to Covid-19 guidelines to prevent the spread of the pandemic,” Ms Wina said.
She said school authorities had been detailed to ensure that the premises were disinfected while teachers were given preventive guidelines.
Ms Wina was responding to Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi, who wanted to know whether Government was aware that 150 pupils contracted Covid-19.
This is testament to the fact that all people, regardless of age must continue to practice the basic rules to prevent Covid-19 infection.
Wash your hands, wear a mask when in public, maintain a social distance and get testred if you suspect you are infected with coronavirus.


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